7 Insanely Helpful Apps to Use for University Assignment Writing

University Assignment Writing

University assignment writing is one of the biggest responsibilities of students. Keeping the quality under control, writing something that is worth sharing, producing an error-free draft, and meeting the deadline, no matter how short it is, all make university life stressful. Adding fuel to the fire, you also need to come out with unique ideas to stand out among all fellows. But how to cope with all these challenges when bad health, homesickness, and overbooked routine has tied your hands. You can take a few minutes to think about it. Most probably, you might think about a smart solution so one can easily cope with all University or academic challenges. I myself also found a unique idea that is smart as well as quick; that is, let’s get digital.

Yes, by using your electronic devices, you can find the smart solution to every university assignment writing problem. Do you want to know more about it? If yes, keep reading, as this article will help you know about seven apps that are insanely used by students so they can conquer any writing task. Let’s start our discussion:


This app for academic writers and students, Airstory, works by assisting them in capturing ideas and data, making notes, and organising all of these things into appropriate sections. Students can later use their notes and ideas to create an assignment outline, which provides them with quick ideas to start an assignment that is quite easy rather than starting it from scratch. Airstory is interesting because you can use several cards for each project, and each card can be your assignment idea or data.

You can also organise the cards with tags. The best part is that the Airstory Chrome extension makes it simple to save ideas. Furthermore, it is best for students working on their assignments that need extensive research to gather specific project-related ideas. The cards are important to organise or even storing information for longer; thus making Airstory a unique university assignment writing app. Students can sign up for this university assignment writing app by taking a 7-day free trial; later on, getting the pro bundle for only $25 per month is indeed a good option.


This app’s goal is to assist you in university assignment writing so that others can comprehend your point of view by making sentence structure clear and error-free. It suggests words and tone so that you can express yourself confidently in the best way. Correcting grammatical and spelling errors is easier with this app as it improves your tone and fluency to convey your message effectively. Its unique features, like the ability to detect plagiarism, assist in sentence rewriting with improved clarity. It also gives suggestions for better words choice, which are the most common mistakes often seen in students’ assignments. Grammarly can be downloaded easily on any electronic device (Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows). Its free version has some benefits, but for only $11.66 per month, you can get access to a bundle of many more exciting features.


ProWritingAid is an excellent option for authors, students, business people, and bloggers of all kinds. The built-in scanner of this app can quickly scan your uploaded file and tell you which part of the assignment needs to be improved, no matter whether the problem is related to originality or grammatical error.

It is of great help to improve writing by increasing clarity, correcting typos or spelling, and highlighting grammatical mistakes. The reasons why students are using this app include it offers plagiarism checking services, it is integrated with Google Docs and Microsoft Office, and it gives 256-bit security, ensuring data safety. Likewise, it can easily be downloaded on Mac and Windows. Additionally, for just $6.58 per month, you can get a premium plan having a solution to your hundreds of university assignment writing problems.


Evernote is one of the most important apps for students because it can help you save so much time. Unfortunately, you can’t give any excuse for losing your assignment just before submission; even if your computer breaks down or your USB flash drive stops working, you still have to submit your file before the university assignment submission portal get closed. By using Evernote, there is no longer a need to send all your assignments to your personal email address. You can download it now on your Apple or Android devices. It will synchronise everything you upload on Evernote on the device where it has been installed and make it possible to access any of your files at any time.


From Law to Math to chemistry, Brainly can be one your University assignment writing partner. Instead of believing in my words, you must check it out right now. The biggest problems bothering students include the selection of words that can bring the best search results to get high-quality material. Now, Brainly allows you to just upload the medical sign or even the photo that makes you curious, and it will make a search result quite smartly.

In this way, you can seek help in solving all types of assignment questions even without paying a single penny. All you need to do is to join the Brainly community by signing in to its official page or downloading its app on iOS and Android devices.


Chegg, like Brainly, can help you with history, chemistry, math and many other subjects. After entering your query, check the expert Q&A for responses. Your questions will be answered step-by-step from textbooks that you can refer to. You can get help from experts and view all homework answers in the knowledge base with a simple with click subscription.

The Academic Papers UK:

Just like expert assignment writing services, The Academic Papers UK can help you by giving expert assistance. This web lets you place orders for any kind of paper or university assignment and help you in completing by getting help from an experienced writer. They will even precisely adhere to your requirements and guarantee that the assignment is unique.

Bottom Lines:

Hopefully, you enjoyed our today’s discussion and have made up your mind to pick the right app for solving all your university assignment writing problems. Stay connected; we will soon come back with more interesting topics. Till then, Goodbye.

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