Can tourists drive rent a car in Jamaica?

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Planning to rent a car in jamaica? Therefore renting a car gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. By planning ahead and following the tips below, and special considerations to keep in mind. 

Essential tips for renting a car in jamaica:

Don’t wait until you get to jamaica to rent a vehicle, it will be cheaper to book from any country you are coming from. It will be convenient for you to reserve your car before arriving at the airport.

Tourists can drive rent a car in jamaica:

You just need an international driving license to drive in jamaica. Just keep in mind in jamaica is a minority country where people drive on left. So maybe it becomes a little bit difficult for people who drive on right.

Tourist documentation: 

If you are visiting jamaica just keep your passport, and international driver’s license to enjoy a seamless rental car drive in jamaica.

Advantages rent a car:

The main advantages of renting a car in jamaica:

Renting a car in a new country is a great way to explore new places with comfort. It becomes easier and quicker to get to your destination than to use public transport.


Choose your destination spot and go where ever you want. You don’t need to wait for buses and adapt the schedules. Moreover, the Gaps will guide the and make your journey better. 

A wide range of vehicles:

The has a wide range of vehicles. No matter what kind of vehicle you want, most companies offer you SUVs, minivans, economy, or the best luxury cars. So you have a wide variety of cars to pick from one.

Additional services:

Most of the rental companies provide additional charges: such as door-to-door delivery services, and extra types of equipment. Making your experience even better.

Strict terms: 

Before renting any vehicle always check the company policies. Companies have quite strict terms and conditions. According to the term and conditions you need to return the car in the same state as it was.

Jamaica living state: 

As one of the most affordable islands in the Caribbean, jamaica has a wide range of options for travelers. however, the average can spend 100 dollars on one trip to jamaica. The cost of living in jamaica is lower so you can easily have fun.


When visiting Jamaica, the expensive cost will be the accommodation, the island will drastically be based on your budget. Therefore the average hotel price is about, 130 nights. You can find the 3-star hotel but it does have good reviews.

How much do activities in jamaica cost:

If you are staying at an all-inclusive, you can easily enjoy tons of complimentary activities such as land sports, water sports, and lots of entertainment. Therefore there is also lots of attraction.

Rough road in jamaica:

Jamaica has no properly developed roads and poor infrastructure than other countries. Even urban streets have potholes and overcrowded lanes. Be prepared, to drive on rough roads, dirt, sand, and generally less maintained.

Inspect the car carefully before renting:

Make sure to protect yourself from false damage claims by carefully looking over the car properly. Do make sure to take pictures of the vehicle that’s there is any ever scratch, or dent on the vehicle.

Automatic transmissions are easy to find:

Always prefer the automatic transmission because it’s easy to use, therefore manual transmission is very tiring while driving and becomes a bit difficult to change gears.


 In Conclusion, hence tourists can easily enjoy the privilege can a common resident have and can drive with an international license. Most tours include transportation to and from your hotel in their package. While you are in jamaica, prefer final rentals to rent a car in jamaica, it allows you lots of benefits as we have mentioned above.

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