7 Incredible Techniques to make your Candle boxes more Beautiful


Fragility needs careful packaging and handling

Candles are seen as essential items for high-class lifestyles like hotels, restaurants, resorts, and spas. It has become a symbol of happiness and sadness with utilization on daily use as well as special occasions. Therefore, besides the quality of these candles, their packaging is also very important to keep these delicate creations safe and for convenient handling. Users are attracted more to candle boxes of high quality, which show elegance with aromatic values. Is a common perception that brands, which provide you with high-quality candle boxes, will also show the same high quality through their products. 

In today’s world, when there is a lot of competition around, everyone is fighting for the top spot. If you are a candle manufacturer and want your brand to stay ahead, focus on your candle packaging boxes along with your product. You can also customize your packaging boxes to stand out from others with attractive customization, printing, and embellishments. 

Following are some tips that you can follow to make your candle packaging boxes different and unique from others.  

Cost-efficient Candle Packaging 

If you are new in the candle manufacturing business or holding a home-based venture then grab candle box packaging wholesale service providers to enhance your candle sales. There is an advantage of custom boxes that can be stacked easily and in big amounts. Moreover, you can add different artworks on the boxes so that they can be utilized in a wonderful manner. 

Candles are always apart of special occasions and festivals. Hence, you can attain simple structured candle packaging supplies wholesale from market, so that your customer doesn’t have to wait long for receiving their orders on time. Wrapped in excessive layers can make packaging a mystery box that leads to a bad unboxing experience. If you want a cost-efficient solution then think of buying bulk quantity, which can be customized in a timely manner. 

Select the right material for string and sturdy boxes

Everyone worldwide likes Candle boxes. They can be customized in any shape and style. However, always use sustainable materials while manufacturing these lovely pieces of artwork. Using sustainable and environmental friendly materials in making your box packaging ensures your product is compatible with the environment. You can choose corrugated or Kraft sheets for your boxes, as they are proven as the best among the rest. 

Moreover, other items can also be used like paper or cardboard box packaging according to the need of time. However, strong, eco-friendly, and sturdy boxes are suitable for your candles, as they will be protective as well as nature friendly. Due to the fragile nature of the product special inner coatings and external laminations make, these candle boxes safer and shock resistant.

Color chemistry of candle boxes

Besides the material, color selection is also very important for your candle box packaging. In fact, most brands are distinguished by the color they use for their box packaging, as consumers are already accustomed to those unique colors. Hence, it is important for making a distinctive appeal to use a complementary color theme according to your marketing strategy. 

High quality color techniques like CMYK and PMS are the most popular and used by the brands while manufacturing candle-packaging boxes. With high-definition coatings and laminations, you can make these boxes weather-resistant and damage-free by Premier Custom Boxes.

Design an eye-catching candle box packaging 

After deciding the material, and selecting the best color for your candle box packaging, the next step is to decide the design of your boxes. You can choose a trendy design for your packaging but it has to be eye-catching. Boxes with a transparent window display feature to showcase your candle color elegantly can also be used. You can print any design or typography on your desired color combination according to the theme of the celebration on your candle packaging. People tend to use scented candles as giveaways with customized boxes as souvenirs.

Simple and neat designs are the call of time when using candles for individual use. However, if you’re gifting someone a scented candle, use floral and nice design textures with personalized messages to make your candle box packaging delightful. 

Use of Graphical Artwork

Besides printing designs, you can add beautiful graphical artwork to your candle boxes. You can either print your illustrative artwork or sketch it out using software according to the business requirements. These graphs and artwork enhance the look and overall appearance. Adding your logo to your packaging box will work as an additional marketing tool. With the help of stylish typography and pictorial presentation of the used ingredients in the product, you can increase the worthiness of candle boxes

Moreover, with help of customization, you can also add quotations, special messages, and seasonal greetings for making a memorable experience. These common practices can give a unique standout effect to your candle boxes.

Create a sensory feel with Finishing Options

Several types of finishing options can be chosen while making your candle box packaging. These finishing touches are to enhance the look of your packaging box and make them look more attractive. There are many options like spot UV, Matte, Glossy, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink, Silver Foil, and Gold Foil. The main function of all these finishing options is to create a unique sensory feel of touch. That will help you in enhancing the look of your product via their packaging boxes. 

Attach add-ons like Customized Labels 

Using customized labels can add a unique touch to your candle boxes. These labels can be used for marketing purposes as well as enhancing the look of your packaging box. Either these hanging labels can be customized with simple and neat designs with holiday-themed printing. 

Most candles are sold based on their appearance and attributes. However, labels are attracts consumers with all the information they need. While designing them pay special attention to the information and the typography printed. The scent name, ingredients, volume, weight, price, and other special features are an essential part of the labels of candle boxes.


Candles are considered special and romantic, so it is essential that they get special packaging. Candle boxes are not just packaging boxes but they satisfy the consumer and make the occasion more special.

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