Favorite Cute Disney Backpacks

Some individuals collect cute Disney backpacks. Not me. Some folks collect small football helmets. Ahem, darling spouse. ME? I am forever a sucker for a pretty purse. Bonus points if it’s a Disney bag!

When I travel, I want to carry a bag or handbag that is distinct from my regular purse. That purse is big. It’s like a 5-gallon bucket, really. I honestly prefer a business that has a shopping cart since it’s an automatic location for me to put my handbag! Hey, I’m eternally a parent and in serious need of being prepared for everything under the sun. Raising children will scar you in a variety of ways; this is mine. I have to be prepared!
ANYWAY, one of our children was recently looking for a birthday present for our other daughter and recommended all of the lounges fly Mini Backpacks at Box Lunch to me. Big mistake! I am hooked. They just might be the ideal park bag.
A park bag for a Disney visit is not an ordinary purse! And just like Grandma’s treasured china, my Disney park bag is reserved for exceptional events, like a Disney trip. And it needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be adorable
  • and comfortable to carry
  • Not too huge, not too tiny.
  • Waterproof is excellent.
  • Inside pocket for convenient lip gloss access.
  • Bonus points for the Disney theme!


For years, my Disney park bag was a cheap leopard print tote that had a zipper across the top. It was great in every sense for a long time, except we were con traveling in January. One day in the heat of our first June Disney vacation, the bag’s zipper scratched the inside of my arm until it bled! That’s when I strolled over to Uptown Jewelers on Main Street in Disney’s Magic Kingdom and fell in love with a really soft purse. My incredibly gorgeous hot pink Mickey Vera Bradley handbag became my daily bag for numerous years.

I do love the size and the mouse design, and that it’s pink! But I’m only skilled at carrying it on my right shoulder; my left one simply lets it slide off! Am I the only one having this issue? And after a full week with it on my right shoulder, it simply isn’t as pleasurable in the final few days. So now my girls may have me switching my loyalty to Loungefly. Have you seen the lovely things they’ve created?

BoxLunch Exclusive: Cute Disney Backpacks Cinderella Dress Mini Backpack

My name is Cindy, therefore clearly the castle is mine! You’ve heard me say it before because it’s true. And everything about Cinderella usually draws my attention, but what I adore about this one is the delicate design. This is subtle, isn’t it?

BoxLunch Exclusive: backpacks Disneyland 65th Anniversary Map 2-in-1 Convertible Mini Backpack

you know I have an infatuation with the Disney castles, and we adore Disneyland around here, so of course this one tops the list. Plus, it would be fantastic for our next vacation out to California. And it has a gorgeous pocketbook to match! Oh, my, this is not going to be simple.

BoxLunch Exclusive: Cute Disney Backpacks Pixar Up Adventure Mini Backpack

When one of your children enjoys the film Up so much that she buys it for her sister’s birthday! So adorable! I can’t wait to see her flashing this around. I can even hear the music, can you?

Disney Minnie Mouse Sweets Ice Cream Mini Backpack by Lounge fly

is simply too sweet; I can barely bear it. I suppose it’s the chocolate trickling down the ears! Of course, it would certainly make me crave dessert all day long! Calories don’t count on vacation; everyone knows that, so maybe this is the one?

Disney Mickey Mouse Head Hardware Mini Backpack by Lounge fly

but you simply can’t go wrong with a classic like Mickey. And I really enjoy backpackspro the gold Mickey head detail. The bag itself is a bit smaller, which may be beneficial for stopping me from carrying too much in it!

I believe they are the ideal size for transporting my backpack park necessities, as they are neither too large nor too small. And unlike my pink Vera Bradley, which gets soaked in the rain or on Kali River Rapids, they will keep my belongings nice and dry. Plus, as a backpack, it will give me two hands-free for shopping, taking photos, and eating my Dole Whip.



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