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Recently, a man asked me a question because he wanted his wife to feel safe in their marriage. He had acted cruelly toward her and displayed genuine repentance, i.e., he had learned ourtime customer service from his error and turned to God to learn and apply new ways of acting.

Although we rarely hear about it, abuse occurs in many marriages, and according to statistics, husbands are responsible for 85% of abuse. Many wives have been abuse, and a lot of it is hidden, like neglect, verbal, psychological, emotional, or financial abuse.

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This article centers around manhandles done to spouses, the 85%, not misuse done to husbands (15%), which I will cover at some other point.

A husband’s drive for control and insecurity is at the heart of abuse. Those drives will be acknowledge by any man who is worth his salt, but not all men succumb to them.

At the center of each and every individual is the need to have a solid sense of reassurance and secure, yet wellbeing and security needs are raise in ladies. The way a husband meets a wife’s need for security in the most profound way is by loving her and respecting her right to her mental and emotional well-being, making sure he doesn’t stand review  in the way of it, and accepting it as her domain, to which he adds proactive support.

Simply put, he fulfills her security requirements by making her feel secure.

What does it imply?

His wife is the judge of that, and he has no influence over her in any way. She is aware of her feelings of control and feels unsafe. She has the authority to refer to it as such. He also makes amends for his actions after listening with humility.

He is careful not to act in a way that makes his wife feel anxious and watches how he interacts with her. This implies that he is sufficiently interest and curious to comprehend what causes her anxiety.) He is quick to admit his error and apologize when his behavior causes her anxiety.

He deals with his outrage, bbcposting realizing that disturbance, dissatisfaction and aggravation are the things he feels. His wife experiences feelings of fear, intimidation, and diminished personhood that are significantly more threatening. Acknowledges that gender roles are very different in different ways; that her anxiety prevails over his anger. Hates being irritate and frustrated, but he also hates contributing to her feeling afraid.

Aware of the privilege and power that come with being male in this world. Because he has never been a woman, this is a journey for a man to reach this realization. However, recognizing gender privilege and its power, he has a choice: to empower those around him, particularly the girls and women in his life, rather than himself.

He is willing to remove the thorn from his own conflict (Matthew 7:1–5), takes his duty seriously, and is not hasty in placing blame on his wife. Furthermore, where he flounders, he’s fast to apologize with sincerity.[1]

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Focuse on settling struggle in a peacemaking way. He recognizes when he can overlook an offense, works toward reconciliation and negotiation, and holds himself accountable.

Recognizes that she shouldn’t have to get his permission to do what she feels called or obligated to do, so he gives her permission to do it. He is her advocate. She is in charge of her life.

He feels for her, but he avoids pointing fingers or attacking her. To put it another way, he acknowledges his emotions and is able to communicate with her safely. She is free to support him in this way without having to deal with the stress of doing so while feeling attacked or blamed. When she feels attacked or blamed, she cannot support him.

Above all, a husband who values his wife in the same way that Christ valued the church holds that everything she says is significant, legitimate, and deserving.

The husband must be secure in himself in order to carry out these actions, and how can he be secure in himself unless he is secure in God? He has learned the honor of serving his wife because he loves God. According to Ephesians 5:21, a husband like this is a pleasure for any wife to submit to because of mutual submission.

These are a portion of the commands I uphold in guiding married couples.

Men must also ask how they can keep their wives safe in the company of dangerous people, especially at work, in order to complete the article adequately. Husbands can encourage their wives to use formal grievance procedures whenever there is a sign of a toxic relationship in the workplace. To ready to leave dangerous situations when they are worn out.

The PeaceWise suite of tools, particularly The Slippery Slope of Conflict and Peacemaking Responses, are also acknowledge in this article.

[1] A sincere apology addresses everyone involved, avoids ifs, buts, and maybes, specifically admits the error. Acknowledges the hurt caused, accepts the consequences proportional to the hurt caused, alters behavior, and requests forgiveness. Source: Seven A’s of Confession, PeaceWise.

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