Honda CD 70 2023 Specifications, Features and prices in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 2023 Specifications, Features and prices in Pakistan


Honda CD 70 4-stroke motorcycle is produced by Atlas Honda. Basically from 1970 to 1991, Honda do their production in japan but now it switched to Atlas Honda in Pakistan in 1991.

Honda introduces this bike that competes with the 2-stroke motorcycles which have a small capacity. This new model has a 4-stroke engine and a displacement is 72cc. In this article, we will discuss the specifications, features, and prices of the bike.

Honda CD 70:

Atlas Honda introduces their bike Honda CD 70 in Pakistan. The bike has a brand sticker on its body which is the new innovation Honda do in this model. If we talk about the price of this model, in Pakistan, its price is very competitive with other motorbikes.  The look of the model is the same as the previous model the difference is that in this model there is a sticker of the brand on the body.

Honda CD 70 was first launched in 1984 and that is the peak time of this bike. The bike is very popular because of its durability, and reliable engine, and maintenance cost is also very cheap. The bike has a stunning resale value in Pakistan therefore most people think about this model when buying a vehicle.

When the bike is launched there is no competitor of this bike exists in the market producing 2-wheeler bikes. At that time period, Honda CD 70 beat Vespa which was the most popular vehicle for many transportations at that time. The reason this bike makes him so popular is that it has a great fuel-efficient engine, durability, and resale value. After some time period, the brand do several changes and innovations in its model so that it meets the standard of the Euro. Several changes like a carburetor, seat design, headlights, rear signal, etc.

The bike is also perfect for long journeys and if you are stuck in any kind of problem-related to maintenance you can easily handle that. The parts of this bike are easily available at normal cost. In the end, the durability of the bike depends on the owner and how much they take care of their bike.

Specification of Honda CD 70:

Frame: The frame of the bike is the Backbone type.

Clutch: There is a multiple-wet plate clutch in this bike.

Engine: The engine is a 4-stroke Air-cooled single-cylinder.

Displacement: 72cc

Top speed: The bike will go at a maximum of 93 Km /H

Horsepower: The horsepower of this bike is 5.1 HP at 7500 RPM

Torque: The torque is 5.0 Nm at 5500.0 RPM

Dimensions: The dimensions of the Honda CD 70 are 1897*751*1014 mm

Transmission: 4-speed

Fuel Tank Capacity: The model has an 8.5L capacity.

Mileage average: The bike will give a 55 Km/L mileage average.

Starting: There is a simple kick-start feature in CD 70.

Weight: the dry weight of the bike is 82 KG.

Size of Wheels: The wheel’s size is 17 inches.

Tires at the front: The front tires are from 2.25 – 2.25.

Tires at back: The back tires are from 2.50 – 17.

Ground Clearance: The ground clearance of this bike is 136mm.

Honda CD 70 Features:

The CD 70 2023 model has a newly designed engine and the bike has new color graphics. Thanks to the muffler exhaust that makes the ride quite less noisy. The ride is smooth and comfortable because of the high-quality drive chain. The model has two colors which are Red and Black.

CD 70 Design:

  • Sleek design with no innovation similar to old models.
  • Because of the sleek design, the ride is comfortable.
  • The seat has a bar for additional security.
  • The bike has a new sticker brand on the body.
  • The wheels have thicker spokes compared to old models.

Honda CD 70 2023 price in Pakistan:

You can purchase this bike at PKR 122.000 Rupees. Because of so many popular brands, the CD 70 models are also available in used bikes. You can purchase from there if you don’t afford the new bike price.

Pros and Cons of CD 70 2023


  • Parts are easily available
  • Low maintenance cost
  • The resale value is great
  • The fuel average is good


  • No innovation in design
  • Absence of new features


CD 70 bike is very popular in Pakistan. Most people use CD 70 bikes in the country that’s why the bike resale value is good. Although, the Company has to do some innovation in the upcoming models.

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