How to design the Perfect Home Entertainment Room?

How to design the Perfect Home Entertainment Room

Despite our infinite love for the movies at the cinema, most of us want to mimic the cinematic experience in the comfort of our homes, and, why not? Technological advancement allows you to design an ultramodern home theatre in the most convenient ways possible.

Home theatre interior design is more than the usual Tv unit setup. So, let’s dig deeper into the things to consider while planning a home theatre interior design. 

Projector placement

First thing first, if you want a better and hassle-free experience, then suspending your projector from the ceiling rather than placing it on a flat surface is a great idea. The generic suspension kits available in the market can get attached to most video projectors. Moreover, the projector suspension mounts come with gimbals that allow you to tilt and adjust the projector according to the screen.


Ambient light refers to unwanted light. It includes light from external sources, like light under and around doors, windows, and artificial light within the room.

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors when designing a home theatre. It helps create the perfect atmosphere for the theatre. Therefore, ensure to cut out the natural light and windows and use dark shade paint on the walls to minimize light reflection from the projector or tv wall unit.

Sound System

The right sound system acts as the heart of the movie theatre. It mimics the experience of the cinema. 

Always invest in a sub-woofer and high-end speaker for the entertainment room. Also, focus on correctly arranging the speakers to get the best. You may consider installing sound products in the internal walls to prevent the sound from leaking into other rooms.

Take these steps to make your home theatre soundproof:

  • Soundproof the room by replacing drywall with special wallboards like QuietRock or sound-reducing foam. You may also consider adding a second layer of drywall.
  • Replace the hollow-core doors with solid doors.
  • Invest in thicker and dark curtains that both absorb sound and block light.
  • Use caulk to seal cracks.

Proper View

No one in the movie room should have a view of the screen that is too far away, too close, or blocked screen. The most convenient way of preventing blockage is to raise the rear seats on a platform. Even giving a modest 6-inch boost can work well to clear the sight lines.

Distance from the screen is analyzed by the size of the picture you want to display in conjunction with the room size. For flat-screen Tvs and corner tv stands, the small converted bedroom space might accommodate up to a 55-inch screen without making the closest row of viewers feel overwhelmed.


The last but most critical step is to pick the right furniture fixtures for your home theatre. One can choose the following options, depending on the budget;

  • Sectional leather sofas with hardwood flooring/ carpet
  • Love Seats
  • Velvet Sofas
  • Reclining Armchairs
  • Massage Chairs
  • Lift Chairs

These options can add a hinge of style to the room while providing the ultimate comfortable experience one needs while watching their favorite movies. If you have some additional space in the theater room, there are a few more searing options that can smartly fill the space:

  • Coffee Table
  • Floor Pillow Arrangement
  • Pool Table/ Billiard
  • Additional Sofa Seating


The entire process of setting up a home theatre can be overwhelming for somebody who is doing it for the very first time. There will be instances where it will be difficult to understand what furniture suits the aesthetics while meeting your requirements. 

You can contact Tarkhan online furniture shop to consult your ideas and requirements with them. This will help you achieve the right home theatre interior design ideas, customized according to your needs, to create the perfect cinematic experience at home.


If you are doing this on your own, ensure to take care of these factors diligently, then you can go ahead and pat on the back because now, you have room to entertain yourself whenever you want. 

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