Is Charm EMR Better Than Centricity EMR?

Charm Vs Centricity EMR

There’s a conflict going on among the care professionals regarding the EHR selection. Some say that Charm EMR is their best pick, while others believe Centricity is the one for them. Now you might wonder which healthcare platform you should choose. This analytic guide will help you assess which platform is better; here, we are going to compare Charm health EMR with Centricity EMR.  

Charm health EHR is a low-cost healthcare platform, so some caregivers doubt its capabilities. It’s not necessary that if a solution comes at a meager price, then it’s ineffective. In most cases, such solutions work even better in strengthening patient relationships and optimizing care workflow. To prove these facts, we conducted thorough research on Charm EHR and even explored its reviews.  

So, go nowhere else; here’s all you need to evaluate the worth of affordable EHRs, making Charm EMR the prime model.  

What is Charm EMR? 

Charm Health is a meaningful use 3 certified and MARCA-ready healthcare platform. It runs on a tech-intensive interface beating all the odds that lie in its way. It is an intuitive platform trusted by millions of care professionals. Even patients adore it, for it features an impeccable patient engagement system comprising a solid patient portal. It offers impressive vaccine workflow and immunization registry services proving its worth.  

Why CharmHealth?  

There are certain reasons why practitioners prefer Charm EMR over Centricity medical records. And one of the most significant ones is the price difference. Centricity is an all-rounder EMR software dealing in care for rural practices and large-scale organizations. One of its major setbacks is its steep cost structure. As per the reviews, Centricity EMR costs more than many other professional EHR solutions, including Charmhealth.  

Given below is a list of services and capabilities of Charm health EHR, making it stand out in the crowd. Read and find out why caregivers opt for this solution.  

  • Its note-taking and patient-tracking service is quite effective and works smoothly.  
  • Scheduling appointments is just a click away or more than 3 clicks are required to set up appointments.  
  • It even features customizable patient questionnaires, which help get patient opinions regarding their services.  
  • Charm EHR reviews state that it supports EMR data migration enabling clients to easily switch their current incapable EHR platforms.  
  • Charm EHR includes free onboarding and online training services in its pricing plans.  
  • The pricing range of Charm EHR is quite reasonable.  

Exploring Charm EMR’s Pricing 

One of the salient perks of Charm EHR, as per its reviews, is it gives clients a head start to begin their clinical journey. It does so by offering a well-crafted free plan to handle the clinical finances, administrative tasks, and patient encounters. Getting these remarkable services for free is something one can only imagine. Besides that, there are two more plans one is a fixed-priced monthly subscription bundle and the other is an encounter-based plan.  

Free Plan: 

It is limited to only 50 encounters and thus works on a small scale for private practices.  

Fixed Price: 

The fixed price plan of Charm health EHR costs nothing over $350/user/month. 

Encounter Plan: 

It costs $0.5/encounter/month with no limitations. And features almost all the services the free plan covers.  

Contrastingly, we can’t actually assess detailed insights about the cost structure of Centricity software. The vendor has not uploaded the plans online. We only know what the reviews of Centricity EMR share about its pricing aspect. And according to that, Centricity medical record is an overpriced solution for small and medium-scale practices. On the contrary, enterprise-grade facilities consider it a valuable addition. It doesn’t offer any free plan.  

The Reason For Cost Effectiveness: 

Charm EMR beats Centricity medical records knowing how to cash its skills. For starters, it offers add-on services. It gives a free hand to all-sized practices to go for the cost-effective plans knowing they can avail further enhancements whenever they deem fit. Users get the choice to upgrade their feature portfolio taking a salient initiative of improving their clinical productivity. This usually helps when care providers think of expanding their business. 

The add-ons offered by Charm EHR are highly praised in the reviews. On the contrary, Centricity software seems a pricey option, for it comes with all-inclusive cost bundles. There are no add-ons, all the services are included in the plans, and one has to pay for them even if he doesn’t use them. The reviews of Centricity EMR also touch on this aspect. This way, Centricity becomes too heavy to afford for small and mid-sized practices.  

The exceptional add-ons offered by Charm EMR can be grouped as follows: 

Free and Encounter Plan  Encounter Plan  All Plans 


Document Scanner  

Smart navigation 

Appointment Bot 


E-Claim Submission  


Real Time Eligibility Check  


ERA Download & Payment Posting 



Direct Provider Messaging 

Immunization Registry  

QuickBooks Integration  

Transcription Services 



The Salient Functionalities of Centricity  

Let’s be clear about one thing, all EHR platforms handle care services distinctively. For sure, we tried to present that Charm EMR is a better option than Centricity. But as we analyzed, that goes especially for small and medium-sized practices. Centricity medical records are a fully functional option for large healthcare organizations. It is because of its distinctive feature range and integrated interface that speaks nothing but perfection. Centricity EMR software features: 

Self-service portal 

Handwriting and voice recognition 

Health analytics 

360-degree holistic medical imaging  

Pay and performance assessment 

Multi-media patient records 

Pharmaceutical imaging agents 

Centricity EMR vs Epic EMR 

In this guide, we evaluated that Charm EMR is an exceptional care platform. It adds to clinical functioning, improving patient care outcomes and enabling practices to move on. Charm health EHR beats Centricity EMR software by using a proactive approach toward healthcare challenges. It packs intuitive services, streamlines workflow, and assures seamless interoperability. It doesn’t offer next-level health analytics service but still is a solid competitor of Centricity. However, Centricity is the best bet for tech-intensive practices and even enjoys positive reviews.  



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