Make Someone VIP on Twitch with easy steps


The VIP status is one of the many tasks streamers can delegate to their communities on Twitch. In addition to receiving a unique badge, VIPs also have access to slow, subonly, and followers-only modes. The VIP role can be given to up to ten of your most devoted viewers when streamers reach the Build a Community milestone, which requires 50 followers and five distinct chatters. Give VIP status to a streamer who has been a part of your community for a long time and deserves recognition. In your Twitch channel, having a VIP does not mean they have any elevated powers to control the stream like a moderator would. VIP status simply highlights someone as highly valuable in your Twitch channel. VIPs are featured on the list of users watching the stream, and whenever they chat in the stream, they also receive a diamond badge next to their name.

You’ll notice that many streamers take advantage of Twitch’s suggestion to make their stream members VIPs with high amounts of points. In order for a streamer to be able to assign VIP spots to their channel, the number of unique chatters they have is directly related. You’ll learn how to elevate viewers on your Twitch channel to VIP status in this article.


Make Someone VIP on Twitch

Follow these some simple steps and make someone VIP on twitch


  • Make sure your Twitch account is signed in before you launch the service.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, click on your avatar to access your Creator Dashboard.
  • The Roles Manager can be accessed by selecting Community from the left-hand menu, then clicking on it.
  • The “Add New” button can be found on the Roles page.
  • By searching for someone’s username and selecting them once you find them, you can make them a VIP. When selecting VIP from the new box, you can pretend like we have VIP slots (although we don’t actually have any VIP slots, look at the image below) even though there are no actual VIP slots available.
  • Choose the Save button once you have determined their function.


Also, on the Roles page, as shown above, you can modify or remove roles. If the individual has a different role, click on the minus sign next to their name to remove it, or select a new role from the drop-down menu next to their name.


Is it possible to become a VIP on Twitch with a mod?

The VIP badge cannot be personalized, nor can a user hold both VIP and Moderator titles. Subscribers can become VIPs, but VIPs cannot access subscriber badges or emotes.


What is the latest time that you can VIP someone on Twitch?

The streamer will be able to provide VIP roles to 10 of his or her most devoted viewers. If they reach 50 followers and five unique chatters after completing the “Build a Community” milestone. In proportion to the number of unique chatters that a streamer has, a streamer is able to provide a greater number of VIP spots. A prize is offered for outstanding performance.


People can be banned by VIPs?

It is not possible for moderators to award VIP badges. Even though they may post links in chat and ban users at their discretion. The game’s designer alone is in charge of awarding VIP badges.


Why would I want to be a VIP on Twitch?

An elite user is one who is considered an active member of the community by streamers. It is possible to ban VIPs from channels as well as to moderate them directly by a channel moderator. If necessary, and they are immune to chat and channel moderation settings.


Twitch super mods are capable of what?

As a result, streamers could designate one person as “SUPER MOD.” This individual would have a greater amount of authority than regular moderators in their stream. While watching the stream, the SUPER MOD could modify or delete other users. A unique emblem could also be given to the “SUPER MOD” so that. They can differentiate themselves in conversation from the other moderators.

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