What Bad Bunny meant for ages of streetwear culture

This is a line that was said by a French streetwear designer, Jean Touitou. It has been said that he was the one who started the whole streetwear culture. He is known for his streetwear designs and his high-end brand, A.P.C. He is also known for saying “I’m not making clothes for the mass market, I’m making clothes for people who don’t care about how they look.” This line was said in reference to people wearing his clothes who were not attractive or were not dressed up for a night out. The line is important because it is a reminder that streetwear is not meant for everyone. This line has been repeated many times over the years and has helped create an attitude of self-expression and creative freedom. badbunnystor.com

Firmly associated with Hip-Hop Bad Bunny hoodie

If you are a fan of Hip-Hop, there is no denying that Bad Bunny is a big part of the culture. In fact, the song and artist are so firmly associated with the Hip-Hop culture, that it has been used in popular songs by Drake and Cardi B. Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who was born in Havana, Cuba. He started his career when he was just thirteen years old, releasing his first single called “Tu Primera Vez.” Since then, he has released two albums the most recent one being “Quiere Beber” in 2017. If you’re not familiar with Bad Bunny, you should start listening to his music today.

Cooperation through the veins

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Firmly associated with Hip-Hop:

Effectively unmistakable with its unique spray painting logo. Bad bunny is about road culture transforming its mark into a way of thinking or even a way of life. When the pioneer Shawn Stussy began his excursion in the style scene. His point was to provide for the dress business the viewpoint Hip-Hop brought to the music business.

It is no fortuitous event that the brand’s most memorable lead opened in 1991 in the city of New York, with genuine support of urban culture. In 2012, he even picked rapper A$AP Rocky as an individual from their clan for their super restricted container assortment. Up and down the street. Stussy Brand has been assembling all to make something imaginative that no other fashioner did previously.

Cooperation through the veins:

On the off chance that the name draws different impacts from urban culture. It likewise profoundly associates with the « high fashion » that indeed assumes a massive part in its improvement across the globe. Regardless of whether the more memorable part considers the particular Supreme as the fundamental brand working together with extravagance names. Bad Bunny has been playing his cards around here for quite a while.

The surprising joint effort conveys an entirely different arrangement of dress appearance, indeed how close streetwear and top-of-the-line style are these days.

Close by with Noon Goons, Bad Bunny provides you with the absolute best of California prepared-to-wear clothing for a new beginning in late spring days. It carries tone and life to your storage room with long sleeves, hoodies, shorts, container caps, and more. Ensure you don’t pass up a significant opportunity.

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