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If you are the one who loves to wander then you must want to know some destination to travel. After selecting a destination and planning for any trip, it is important to conduct some fundamental research! Arriving in a foreign place without any prior knowledge of the language, customs, textile or traditions is perilous. Without any previous information, you’ll discover yourself going through some major cultural shock.

One of the worst blunders a tourist can commit is showing up in a place without knowing the appropriate attire. While you might believe wearing shorts as well as a t-shirt is a smart idea, you can end up feeling quite uneasy when you learn that showing a bit too much skin is inappropriate.

If your traveling destination is the Asian continent then we are enlisting some famous countries to visit along with their clothing culture. With this knowledge, you can source fabric as per your traveling and wardrobe planning. 


If you’re considering traveling to India, you probably won’t need the same clothes you thought you would, notably if you’re heading to southern India. Despite the warm climate, India’s major cities have very rigid clothing codes. While shorts and crop tops are occasionally seen, wearing them is not recommended and might draw unnecessary attention to you.

Here you can choose cotton, linen and rayon fabric for your traveling outfits. India’s clothing culture is vibrant and promotes restricted free styling. While traditional clothing norms are still encouraged in the majority of India’s bigger towns, they are unquestionably less rigid as a result of the Western influence.

Different cities and destinations have different cultures that might be confusing. But remember to keep some scarves with you when you visit temples and religious places.


Japan is undoubtedly another of Asia’s most fascinating nations, with the temples of old Kyoto and the mountains of Mount Fuji. Even if the nation still appears to be conservative from the outside, it is obvious that Western nations have contributed significantly to its growth. Although the majority of people wear modest clothing, you’ll notice some crazy ensembles on Tokyo’s more bold youth.

To be comfy as well as relaxing, you should pick some simple outfits with some modern touch. But as per the clothing culture of Japan, do not go with ripped jeans and short tops. 

Cover your tattoo in any way as it is linked with the mafia in Japan that might restrict you from entering into restaurants and clubs. Kimonos and traditional clothing culture of Japan is what you will prefer the most for the trip. 


Vietnam offers something for everyone: it boasts busy cities, beautiful beaches, and rice farms. Vietnam has a reputation for being more orthodox than other Asian nations, but this is nothing you can’t manage. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to your clothing when it becomes time to begin planning for your tour. To avoid any kind of hurdles and to enjoy the traditional culture of Vietnam, you should go with the traditional clothing culture of the country. 

A silken tunic with slacks known as a “ao dai” is the nationwide customary attire of Vietnam. For major events like Tet, the new year’s festival, ao dài are donned. Vietnamese individuals have been donning modern attire that is in vogue around the globe since the 20th century.

Sri lanka 

Go to the south side for a more aesthetic area to visit when you start searching for India. And here you will find the most beautiful island nation of the world- Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is encompassed in a fantastic variety of scenery, including desert plains, beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible wildlife. This is the spot to go if you’ve constantly desired to get up and personal with elephants. A cherry on top is how simple the uniform policy is to follow.

As per the clothing culture of Sri Lanka, you can also try saree and sarong for the trip and to explore their fashion choices more. For beach time, you can go for swim trunks. But remember to cover your shoulders and head when you visit temples and religious places.


Nepal is probably going to be your first destination if you’re thinking about doing the Mount Everest expedition. Aside from its mountains, Nepal is home to other attractions that have helped it become a popular tourism destination.

As per their culture you can wear long skirts, jeans and slightly long tops during the trip. Avoid picking something like a tight t-shirt, leggings and shorts tops as you could make local people uncomfortable. 

Bottom line 

Asia is a beautiful continent to visit. Here you can explore every kind of beauty of nature from beaches to mountains. If you are planning to visit these places then you must require different kinds of clothes and attires that match with the clothing culture of these countries. To source fabric for your travel plan, approach fabriclore. Here you will get an option of customization with a professional team of textile experts. 

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