How To Draw A Car

How To Draw A Car

How To Draw A Car. Cars have always been one of the children’s favorite toys. It has also long been the subject of numerous films and animated series, the most notable being Cars, Speed ​​Racer, and Hot Wheels. What if you could create the car of your dreams, unique and personal? With this step-by-step tutorial on removing a car, you can make your dreams come true! Grab the opportunity to customize a car and picture your fictional car in writing.

It’s sure to be an enjoyable activity for anyone who loves cars. If you have a child passionate about cars, drawing a car is the perfect activity to entertain and create for your children simultaneously. Have fun bringing your dream car to life! You can draw many more characters like goku drawing easy. Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

Draw two small circles at the bottom of your paper. This will be the inside outline of your car’s wheels. Don’t worry if you can freehand draw a perfect circular shape! You can still use a compass, a graphic tool that helps you fast and quickly draw a flawless circle.

Step 2:

Draw two better circles around the small circles we drew in the last step. When you have completed drawing the circular forms, it should look like a couple of wheels, as indicated in the illustration. The wheels should also be one inch apart.

Step 3:

Draw a long, thin rectangular shape joining the two reels. The bumper will serve as the car’s base, so make it as long as you want.

Step 4:

Just above the bumper, outline the car’s body by drawing downward curved lines extending to the other end of the bumper. The outline consists of two downward curved lines: a small curved line for the bonnet connected to a relatively longer curved line to form the roof of the car,

Step 5:

On the left flank of the roof, draw a curved bar following the outline of the top. Then connect the two ends of the curved line with a 90-degree angled line to the left.

Step 6:

Repeat the previous step on the other side of the car to create two equal and proportional car windows. The front window should be slightly larger than the rear window.

Step 7:

Create the front door by drawing a square shape with curved corners just below the front window. Remember that the front window and the front door must be aligned and level.

Step 8:

Now it’s time to add details to the car to make it more realistic. Start by removing semicircle shapes at both lots of the car to make the headlight and taillight. The lights should be located just above the bumper of the car.

Step 9:

Car windows are often reflective, resulting in visible diagonal patterns. Draw several parallel sloping lines on each car window to create the fantasy of a “review.” Now that you have successfully removed a car, it’s period for the numerous exciting part: color your amazing car drawing! Go on and choose the shades to make your car vibrant and bright! The cars come in various designs and exist in all colors. So if you have a favorite color, there’s probably a car with that color. This offers you many color options to pick from when staining your car.

Finished Drawing!

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