How To Draw Spiderman Easy Drawing | Tutorial

How To Draw Spiderman Easy Drawing | Tutorial

Spiderman Easy Drawing Although there are many iconic figures from past comic books, Ghost Rider is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive! Spiderman Easy Drawing antihero has a flaming skull for a helmet and pursues his adversaries on his flaming motorcycle of choice.

Drawing Tutorial  Spiderman

He is a well-liked character due to his excellent design and intricate backstory, and by learning how to draw Ghost Rider, his many admirers can produce some fantastic artwork with him. You’ll adore the guidance we have prepared if you share our admiration for this particular character.

You’ll have a lot of drawing fun with this step-by-step tutorial on creating Ghost Rider!

Step By Step Spiderman Drawing

  • We will begin our tutorial on drawing Ghost Rider with what is arguably his most recognisable feature: his flaming skull helmet.
  • You might want to enlarge our example image for this stage because the skull portion of his design has a lot of minute details.
  • For the eye effect, we’ll colour later; his eye sockets will also have tiny rings inside. After duplicating the skull, draw some wavy lines to represent the fires surrounding his head.


  • After that, begin sketching his blazer.
  • We’ll begin sketching the Ghost Rider’s recognisable leather biker jacket for this second portion of your image.
  • The collar and beginning of the jacket will be drawn using rounded lines directly connected to the flames surrounding his cranium. Next, we’ll draw his shoulders as straight lines that stretch outward and begin drawing the jacket’s arm as well.
  • You can complete this process by adding tiny spikes to his shoulders to make him even more remarkable.


  • The third step is to draw his limbs and chest.
  • In the following stage of our drawing tutorial for Ghost Rider, you are now prepared to sketch more of his arms and chest.
  • Draw the first portion of his torso using straight and slightly curved lines after extending the left arm slightly.
  • We will need to use many more curved lines to make the creases in his jacket sleeve because his other arm will be bent.
  • His wrist will be covered in more spikes, and his fist will hold a chain.


  • Next, raise his opposite hand.
  • For your Ghost Rider drawing, you’ve already drawn one hand and forearm; in this stage, we’ll add the other.
  • Like the other one, this forearm will be surrounded by spikes and end in a clenched fist.
  • On this hand, he will also hold a chain, which we will further describe in the following stage.


  • At this point, pull his belt and the chain.
  • The following stage in our tutorial on drawing Ghost Rider might require some patience, but it will be worthwhile!
  • The length of the chain between his hands will be shown in this section after we have already drawn the image of his hands carrying chains. The need to draw different connections is the reason this might require some patience.
  • The two belts he is wearing will be drawn to complete this stage. There are also spikes on his buckles, so he likes them!


  • Draw his first limb next.
  • This and the following stage will be used to complete your Ghost Rider drawing by adding his legs. We will begin by drawing the left limb for the time being.
  • The first leg of his biker trousers will be drawn using some slick, curved lines because they are pretty tight. After that, we will sketch his boot at the bottom of the leg to complete the drawing.


  • Draw his other limb next.
  • Drawing Ghost Rider’s other leg will allow you to complete him in the seventh stage of our drawing tutorial.
  • Except for the slight angle difference, this one closely resembles the first one. Draw any background elements and extra figures you want for this picture after drawing both legs.
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