Mp3 Juice is a basic YouTube MP3/MP4 downloader.

mp3 juice

Mp3 Juice is a basic YouTube MP3/MP4 downloader.


Have you ever attempted to download a YouTube video, but were unable to because the website or app lacked the option? Have you ever attempted to convert a YouTube video into an audio file but were unsuccessful? I had always wished to perform the same action. Yet, I’ve always found a method to go about to archive what I desired. I have used both website-based tools and mobile applications to convert YouTube videos to any format. And in this blog article, I’ll introduce you to one of those amazing projects. To get the whole picture, continue reading.


It breaks my heart that iOS devices can’t access this incredible effort.


In my opinion, website technologies have been lifesaving during the past decade. I have, for instance, utilized Y2Mate and Mp3 Juice in numerable times. Using the aforementioned tools has numerous drawbacks. You must initially visit to obtain the video’s link before you can convert or download it. Then, navigate to one of these online conversion tools, paste the link, and click the convert button. As if the tension weren’t enough, after clicking the convert button, pop-up advertisements typically appear on all the web tools I’ve tried. They reroute me to a sponsored website on occasion. I continued to utilize them since I had no other options. There came a time when I needed to transcode YouTube videos, so I downloaded a few apps from Google Play. Nevertheless, as with the web tools, it contains advertisements, and I must first search YouTube for the movie.


Download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 format.


In no way are these characteristics unique. Yet, The Mp3 Juice is a one-of-a-kind tool that combines all of its features. These functions are performed by distinct apps with unique names in the Play Store. Andrea Ciccarelli, however, chose to integrate all of the functionality into a single application.

Prior to learning about this initiative, I would typically search for the video I wanted to save or convert before visiting the web application to complete the remaining conversions. But with Music Downloader, I do not need a second program to complete a video conversion or download.

Streaming using Mp3 Juice is comparable to streaming with YouTube’s official app. Mp3 Juice also provides the ability to view the movie in full screen mode.

When the Download and Convert button is hit, Mp3 Juice immediately downloads and converts the video. The user’s device storage would store the downloaded video or converted file. This is why granting the permission I mentioned at the beginning of the article is so crucial.

The option on YouTube that enables users to save videos in order to stream them later is also available in Music Downloader. The Checklist is its name. When a video is added to this list, it can be streamed, downloaded, or converted at any time. Moreover, since the official YouTube app allows users to view channels, Mp3 Juice users may do the same. But it must utilize the official YouTube app to access the channel.

I have concluded that Mp3 Juice is not a selfish Tools because it provides the opportunity to open a video in the official YouTube app. Despite the fact that it also supports video streaming. But the developer also added the option to open a video with the official YouTube app.

Most of the options you receive when you utilize Mp3 Juice supports all of YouTube. There are options available to share a video or to copy its URL. The only missing option that I can see is the possibility to copy the code needed to embed videos on websites.

The Links Detector

This is the app’s lone distinguishing characteristic. When compared to other programs with comparable capabilities, it stands out as distinct. Yet, it is not unique in comparison to other apps. I recently released a blog post regarding Download Navi. The capability to detect URLs transferred to the user’s clipboard is one of the capabilities described in that post. I was astounded to see that Mp3 Juice also possesses the same function. With this feature, searching for a video on Mp3 Juice is no longer necessary. That is, if you copied the link to a YouTube video before to running Music Downloader.

Download Many Videos

I discussed storing a video to the checklist folder so that it can be streamed or downloaded whenever desired. What if your checklist includes many videos? Do you download each file individually? With Music Downloader, though, things have been simplified. The whole videos in the checklist folder can now be downloaded with a single click. This must be considered a distinguishing characteristic. You ought to concur with me.

A Status Report on the Project

The project’s product owner issued a Bug Fix Release in which he resolved the issue that causes the application to crash after installation. The Paste&Go link-detection algorithm was also enhanced.

When the next version is issued, users will see that the color of the dialogue action button has changed, as the PO has eliminated the empty spaces.


I still don’t grasp why he termed this product “Music Downloader” despite the fact that I’ve utilized and comprehended the project’s amazing features. The project’s scope extends beyond its name. If I could alter one thing about this application, it would be the name.   For more articles visit:

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