Most Popular Trends To Follow This Week

TikTok trends change so frequently that it might be challenging to stay up. The platform can feel a bit like quicksand whether you are a wannabe influencer or a brand just putting your toes into TikTok-land. Make sure your article is relevant to the current conversation, not one from three weeks ago.


We’ve compiled a list of the most popular challenges, memes, and hashtags to help you navigate the platform, as well as some hashtags that are less fad-like.


Not every trend on this list will be suitable for you as you prepare to create your upcoming TikTok video. (However, that’s just life.) Just keep in mind to match your content to your main objectives. And allow your future material be influenced by your triumphs, no matter how little they may have initially been.

Flamin Hot Trend:

TikTok capitalizes on rapidly changing trends. Loosey-goosey is the name of the game when you experiment on the platform. Get ready to have some fun by letting go of all your preconceived notions and overly planned content schedule.

This trend is similar to the hot or not composite images.


On TikTok, if something is popular today, it might not be there tomorrow. So, don’t overthink your material and instead, have fun with it. Keep your agility, above everything. Prepare to alter, pivot, and attempt new things.


Here are some of the most popular TikTok trends currently trending as a starting point.


TikTokers are participating in a spectacular and ultimately indulgent craze where they display how symmetrical—or not symmetrical—their faces are. It’s also a fantastic approach to present the public face of your business.


You are counted in the original SickSick remix of the Bruno Mars song “Somewhere Out There” (or occasionally “Deja Vu” by Olivia Rodrigo), which allows you to lie back and smile.


Inform me without revealing. Recently, me has dominated TikTok, and it’s simple to understand why. It applies to practically anything. The key to this challenge is to convey information visually rather than orally.


Tell me your mother is dramatic, but don’t tell me she’s dramatic. I’ll start off. At the first sign of apprehension, cue the mother to collapse and scream.


Because it allows you to demonstrate your intimate familiarity with your TikTok audience, this trend is fantastic for everyone. Get the conversation going by doing something you are confident will get a response.


Spend some time researching the hashtag before jumping in headfirst to this trend. This meme exemplifies a particular kind of observation.


What is residing rent-free in your skull, according to this TikTok meme?


You get obsessed with something when you allow it to live rent-free in your head. The phrase was once used to refer to small-minded or unpleasant thoughts that become stuck in your head, but its everyday usage has expanded to include a wide range of topics, including obscure or absurd ideas.


What’s a video that stays in your head rent-free? was the question posed by TikTok user @jessthemess that first made the format popular on the platform. Hundreds of millions of people have now stitched, dueted, or replied to her upload.

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