Ways To Protect Your Teen From Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse can happen to any child regardless of culture, race, religion, or socioeconomic group. There is no foolproof method to protect your child from becoming a victim of sexual abuse, but there are some ways you can follow to reduce the risk. Sexual abuse is a risk for the child of every age, and in most cases, the children know their sexual abusers. However, their parents do not take any legal action against the abusers. It is important to not only take legal action but also seek the help of a sexual abuse advocate Fort Lauderdale who can guide you properly.

Just know that if your child is a victim of sexual abuse, you and your child are not to blame, but it’s the perpetrator you should blame. If you see any child in danger, don’t hesitate to take the help of the police. Also, take care of your child to protect their life.

Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse Advocate Fort Lauderdale

Child sexual abuse is a prevalent issue in today’s society, and every parent wants help protecting their child from sexual abuse. Usually, the attackers are acquaintances of the victim. For this reason, parents need to be better prepared and smarter to take care of their children. Providing age-appropriate, accurate information to your children about sexual abuse. This way, they will be able to take better care of themselves. If you feel any sexual abuse in your child, don’t hesitate to take action. Whether talking to sexual abuse advocate Fort Lauderdale or reporting law enforcement, know that it is about your child’s safety.

There are some practical ways you can educate your children about sexual abuse. Education is an important step in the prevention of inappropriate sexual contact. Here are a few ways to protect your teens from becoming victims of sexual abuse.

Get Involved in your Child’s Life

Involvement in your child’s life is important to protect him from sexual abuse. When you are actively involved, the warning signs of sexual abuse will be more obvious. Also, your child will be comfortable coming to you and telling you if something is not right. You should show interest in their day-to-day life and ask about their activities. Ask them what they did during school time and did they enjoy it.

Get To Know People Around Your Child

It is very important to watch people usually around your child. You should know the people your child spends time with and the kind of activities they do. Ask questions about people your child encounters daily. Talk about every person openly so your child is also comfortable sharing anything with you. Moreover, if you feel anything suspicious about any of these people, take the help of sexual abuse advocate Fort Lauderdale and don’t hesitate to report the incident to officials.

Teach Your Child About Private Body Parts

As a parent, you may feel uncomfortable at this, but for your child’s safety, this is a very important step. Teach children proper names for their genitals. Tell them that these are the private parts and no one can touch or see them except the parents. You can do this while giving a bath to your child.

Moreover, talk about the good and bad touches and tell them the difference between the inappropriate and the touch that is ok. It will help your child identify who touched them inappropriately and be comfortable telling you about it.

Choose The Caregiver Carefully

Don’t trust people easily, especially when it is about your child. Be diligent about choosing your child’s caregivers carefully, whether a new school, a babysitter, or a coaching center. These are the people your child will spend time with, so ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable. When choosing babysitters, you can consult the sexual abuse advocate Fort Lauderdale to check if they were charged for any sexual abuse activity.

Encourage Your Child To Speak Up

When anything inappropriate happens, a child is scared to talk about it. Just let your children know they will be taken seriously for everything they discuss. It will give them the courage to speak and begin talking about their feelings and emotions. Don’t worry if you have never had a conversation like this with your child. Start it today because it’s never too late. This conservation is very compulsory for the better future of your child. So, whenever your child has some issue, he can talk to you directly.

Be Available For Your Child

Children want the undivided attention of their parents. Set some time you will spend with your child so they understand that you care for them. Also, let your child know they can come to you anytime if someone makes them feel uncomfortable.

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