Car Accident Statistics For 2023

Car accidents are part of life. In the year 2020, a total of 35,766 deaths in car accidents occurred on the roads of the United States. The other 1,593,390 collisions resulted in injuries , while 3,621,681 resulted in damage to property. It’s 5250,837 collisions took place in one calendar year.

Car accident statistics reveal how often collisions occur in U.S. roadways. This guide will explain among other things, most common causes of accidents probable victims, and states in which crashes are the likely to happen.

Main Causes of Car Accidents

The most significant statistics on car crashes are related to collision-related causes. The most frequent causes of crashes are:

Drunk driving


How Many Accidents Involve an Intoxicated Person?

The DUI statistics are alarming. The total is 35% of deaths in motor vehicles were because of impaired driving. Drivers who are intoxicated alone cause 1369 deaths. 

There are specific times during which impaired driving can be more prevalent. In actuality, just 23% of collisions that involved drivers who had a ABAC of .01 or more occurred during daylight hours, and 70% of the DUI-related accidents took place during the night. 

There are also certain areas in which impaired driving-related accidents occur more frequently. Montana is the one state that has the highest amount of DUI-related fatalities across the U.S. It is shocking that 51% of fatal crashes in Montana can be attributed to drunk driving.

What Percentage of Accidents Involve Speeding?

Speeding increases the chance of accidents occurring and the chance of fatal and severe injuries. The majority in 29% fatal car accidents happen as a result of drivers who speed. Speeding drivers are responsible for the deaths of 11,258 people.

Similar to drunk driving Speeding is more of an issue in some states than other. South Carolina is the highest-risk state for accidents involving speed. In total, 46% of fatal accidents in the state resulted due to speed. 

How Many People Are not Wearing Seatbelts During a Car Accident?

Seatbelts can save lives. If drivers and passengers do not wear their seatbelts the risk of dying increase. A total of 46% of drivers involved in deadly collisions are not buckled up, and a similar number of passengers–47%–were also unbelted in fatal crashes.

When Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

Statistics on car accidents show how the timing of the day can affect the probability of a crash. The nighttime is the most dangerous time on the road. 35% of fatal accidents happen between 6:00 pm to midnight.

The roads are also more hazardous during certain times of the year. All in all, nearly 50% of fatal accidents that involve cars occur on weekend days , which include Saturday, Friday, and Sunday.

Additionally holidays can also increase the chance of collisions too. The statistics on car accidents show Independence Day is the deadliest day of the year. The annual average number of accidents on July 4th is the 134th. September 3rd is second with respect to timeframes with an average of 128 fatal accidents occuring every year on that day. 

Fatal Accident Statistics

Every car crash can result in devastating and long-lasting consequences However, fatal crashes can be particularly devastating. Statistics on car crashes can go beyond the causes of car crashes to reveal the circumstances and causes of fatal crashes. occur.

How Many Fatal Car Accidents Happen in the U.S.?

In the year 2020, a total of 35,766 motor vehicle crashes were reported across U.S. roadways. These accidents caused the deaths of 38,824.

With the number of fatalities that occur, Forbes Advisor calculated one fatal car accident happens per minute across the United States. The amount of fatal crashes is rising. The number of fatal accidents increased by 7 percent increase in fatal motor vehicle crashes between 2019 to 2020.

What Percentage of Accidents Include a Fatality?

Though hundreds of motor vehicle fatal crashes occur every year, the majority of accidents do not result in deaths. In actuality, only 35,768 deaths were reported in the total of 5,250,837 reported accidents that occurred in 2020. This is less than a percent of motor vehicle accidents cause the death of a person. 

What Type of Accidents Are Most Likely to Result in a Fatality?

It is crucial to think about the causes of car accidents that cause deaths, since certain kinds of accidents tend to cause death more than others.

Speeding and drunk driving are two of the main causes of fatal accidents, which resulted in 11654 and 11,259 road-related deaths in the year 2020.[5 Drivers who were distracted were also the main accident cause which resulted in 2,974 fatal crashes attributable to drivers who were unable to remain focused on the roads.[44.

Car Accidents Statistics by Age

Statistics from car accidents reveal that drivers of all ages are victims of motor vehicle collisions. However, younger drivers are at an increased risk because of their lack of experience and higher risk-taking

What Percentage of Fatalities Were as Minors?

Car accidents are commonplace for drivers and passengers who are under 20 years of age. One-fifth of the fatalities in car accidents in 2020 were minors who fell within the age bracket and 4,414 individuals who were younger than 20 being killed in crashes in that year. The injuries suffered by young drivers were also frequent in 2020, with 437,677 young drivers getting injured in collisions in 2020. 

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