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Kenn Whitaker is a well-known American actor who works in both film and television. On June 8, 1963, Kenny Witaker was born in Longview, Texas. He will be 59 years old in the year 2022. Kenn Whitaker’s net worth is reportedly $1 million.

Kenn Whitaker: Who is he?

American actor Kenn Whitaker is well-known for his roles in both movies and television. His birth name was Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker, also known as Kenn Whitaker.

He is well-known all over the world for his parts in movies like Bulworth (2001) and Last Days (2001). (1998). Despite this, he has been in a number of films and TV shows.

Born in Texas, Kenn relocated to Los Angeles in search of better employment opportunities.


Name  Kenn Whitaker

Profession   Actor

Age   59 years (as of 2022)

Birthplace   Texas

Nationality   American

Net Worth    $1 million- $12 million

Marital Status   Unmarried

Siblings   Forest Whitaker

Zodiac Sign  Gemini

Country  USA

Physical Stats

Height   5 Feet 9 inches

Weight  79 kgs

Eye Colour   Brown

Hair Colour    Black

Body Size   44 inches


Kenn Whitaker has a strong desire to succeed because he comes from a hardworking family. After seeing Forest perform in theatres and subsequently on the big screen, Kenneth was inspired to pursue acting. In 1997’s Most Wanted, he made his big-screen debut after beginning in bit parts. The actor has been in numerous shows since making his acting debut in a supporting role in 1997. His contributions, though, were largely inconsequential. The actor has made brief, one-time appearances in TV shows like Party of Five and Tracey Takes on.

Kenn Whitaker, on the other hand, was able to make a considerable contribution to works like Life, Last Days, and The Theory of the Leisure Class. His performances in these movies received favourable reviews, and the actor grew his fan base. He has sadly shunned acting roles since his role as Ben Forget in Last Days in 2001. His brother quit acting just as Forest Whitaker’s career was taking off.

Although it is unknown why he left, Kenn seemed content with his decision and enjoys his personal life. Furthermore, Kenn Whitaker’s net worth must have increased as a result of all the movies he has starred in, despite his limited career in the entertainment sector.

Whitaker’s employment outside of acting is unknown as a result of his choice to avoid social media and the spotlight. The Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, run by the former actor’s brother, is another possibility. No matter what he achieves, we have no doubt that the Life actor will be successful in his career and lead a fulfilling life.


Regarding his academic background, nothing is publicly available. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he also entered the performing arts.

He started playing several characters as a result, and his acting skills helped him become well-known. He is currently leaving the theatre, but his fans are still raving about him.

His inspiring stories frequently served as motivation for his supporters.


His parents are Laura Francis Smith and Forest Steven Smith Jr. His two brothers are Forest and Damon Whitaker, and his sister is Deborah Whitaker. All of them are actors. Kenn Whitaker brother of well-known actor Forest Whitaker. Kenn attempted acting, as was previously said, but he did not have the same success as his brother.

Nowadays, his Forest impersonation has garnered more attention than his professional achievements. The Whitakers are a family of workers.

While raising her young children, Kenn Whitaker’s mother managed to get two master’s degrees and attend college, which was no small feat.

In addition, the actor’s father had to put in a lot of overtime as an insurance salesman to support his family. Nevertheless, despite their difficulties, the couple managed to raise their kids to be decent people.

Net Worth of Kenn Whitaker

It’s estimated that Kenn Whitaker is worth $1 million. He has amassed a considerable sum of money from numerous sources.

Kenn Whitaker, on the other hand, has mostly supported himself through acting. One of the highest-paying jobs on the planet is making movies.

He earns a sizable sum of money as a result of his roles in numerous movies. He might still make money from brand marketing and advertisements. The man is so wealthy that he could easily lead a luxurious existence.


From the start to finish, the performer withholds a lot of personal information. But as he gained popularity and established himself as a prominent TV performer, he learned interesting facts about his kin and ties.

Kenn is a modest and humble man who avoids the glamour and splendour of the outside world. However, since critics complimented the actor’s abilities in the past, many fans are curious to learn more about his life.

Furthermore, the recent look-alike issue has piqued the curiosity of many new fans who want to know more about him. But regrettably, neither her existence nor anything about Kenn Whitaker’s marriage is known.

Even though Kenn’s entire family is well-known, they won’t disclose who his partner is. Even though no one is aware of Kenneth’s private life, it is reported that he has a tight relationship with his nephews and nieces.

Furthermore, it appeared that Forest supported his brother and family after his ex-wife Keisha Nash filed for divorce.

Favourite Things

Favourite Color     White

Favourite Player   John McEnroe

Favourite Sport    Basketball and Tennis

Favourite Actor    Forest Whitaker

Hobbies   Acting

Favourite colour   Black

Facts About Kenn Whitaker

  • The American city of Longview is the birthplace of Kenn Whitaker. Gemini is Kenn Whitaker’s birthstone.
  • He rose to fame in 2018 as a result of parallels made between him and his older brother Forest Whitaker on Twitter.
  • Laura Francis Smith and Forest Steven Jr. are his son’s parents. Forest Whitaker, Damon Whitaker, and Deborah Whitaker are the actor’s two brothers and sisters, respectively. All of them are actors.
  • Many people thought the Whitaker brothers were twins because of their uncanny resemblance. That is not the case, though.
  • The mother of Kenn Whitaker put herself through college and earned two master’s degrees while raising her small children. In the big picture, that is.
  • Forest Whitaker, the brother of Kenn Whitaker, was made the honorary chief of the Nigerian town of Nkwerre due to their shared Nigerian heritage.
  • The two brothers, namely Forest Whitaker, resemble each other.
  • In 2018, the popularity of his name was demonstrated by the similarities made between him and his brother Forest Whitaker on Twitter.
  • His mom and siblings are also actors.
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