What Is a Trailblazer?

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Salesforce’s trailblazers are its true heart and soul. Anybody may be a Trailblazer if they desire to innovate and use Salesforce to deliver success. What Is a Trailblazer?

Salesforce’s technology enables businesses of all sizes to provide employee and customer success everywhere. The Salesforce ecosystem,

which consists of customers, partners, and technical experts, is experiencing unending development and potential.

By 2026, the Salesforce ecosystem will generate 1.6 trillion in new company revenues globally and 9.3 million

new employment, according to a recent IDC estimate. This expansion is made possible by Trailblazers, What Is a Trailblazer?

creative thinkers, and learners who use Salesforce to create flourishing businesses, organizations, and communities all around the world. Ahegao irl

So what is a Trailblazer?

Salesforce’s trailblazers are its true heart and soul. And we’ve made it our purpose to open doors for everyone

to find employment opportunities and give them the resources they need to be successful. What Is a Trailblazer?

a trailblazer, an inventor, a lifelong learner, and an influential person.
a leader who paves the way for followers.
Above all, someone who creates a better world for others.
We think everyone who wants to create and use Salesforce to drive success can be a Trailblazer.

Whether you’re retraining for a new job or just starting your career.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader guiding teams through digital transformation or a businessperson developing business apps.

We encourage everyone to explore their potential since they are genuinely limitless.

We honor some of our incredible Trailblazers here and look at how you might begin your own Trailblazer adventure.

Who are Trailblazers?

Trailblazers are successful in a range of positions and come from many walks of life. Let’s hear from a few incredible folks on what it means to them to be a Trailblazer.

Meet the Trailblazers

Here are a few more Trailblazer Tales that demonstrate the lovely diversity of our neighborhood, many routes to achievement, and chances to give back.

In January 2020, Brian and his fiancée had an important discussion about their future. Brian quickly made the decision to pursue a career in technology and committed himself to study through Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.

Brian obtained his Salesforce Admin Certification after putting in a lot of time researching, creating apps in his Trailhead Playground, and connecting with the Trailblazer Community.

In April 2020, Brian accepted a position as a Salesforce Business Analyst. He co-hosts certification study groups and promotes Salesforce to historically black colleges and universities because he is keen to assist others to follow in his footsteps (HBCUs).

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