How to Draw Money Easily

Draw Money

How to Draw Money. They say money makes the world go round; whether true or not, it’s nice to have!

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Money has become a visual symbol of wealth in films, stories, and works of art over the years.

They come in many variations depending on the country, so learning how to withdraw money can be fun as you can create different variations.

By the time you get to the end of this guide, you’ll be a master at digging up a stack of cash!

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step guide on withdrawing funds in just 7 steps!

How to Draw Money

Step 1

We start this guide on withdrawing money by pulling out the left edge of the money. You can draw some curved lines at a slight angle to do this.

It should have a shape that looks like half a curved rectangle.

Once we’ve drawn this line shape, we’re ready to add it in the next few steps!

Step 2

In this second part of your withdrawal of funds, we repeat what you did in the previous step.

Just draw another curved half-rectangle shape pointing in the opposite direction from the one you drew in the previous step.

There should be a small gap between these two shapes, as this is where we will add the ribbon to hold the stack of money together.

Step 3

In this step of our guide to withdrawing money, we will add a tie to hold the money together.

To do this, fill in the space you left between the two semi-rectangular shapes. The band will fill this space and extend from the top prices.

Step 4

It’s time to add the sides of the cash stack to this part of your cash withdrawal. For this, you can use some slightly jagged lines on the left vertical side of the money stack.

This gives the impression of many banknotes stacked on top of each other. The lines on the bottom and right of the money become much smoother, as shown in our reference image.

Step 5

Now that the scheme is worked out let’s focus on some details in the next steps of our guide on how to withdraw funds.

For this step, you can add many thin lines on the sides of the money. These can be quite unevenly distributed, as in our example, as the band around it tightly packs together the money.

Once those lines are drawn, let’s move on to the final steps!

Step 6

This part of your withdrawal of funds consists of adding some of the final details. You can even add some of your elements to personalize it further!

To complete our details in this step, you can draw some lines around the perimeter of the highest note lines.

That completes our details for this guide, but as we said, feel free to add your own!

You could use a note from your country’s currency to draw this design for a personal touch.

If you have currency from a favorite country you’ve visited, you can use that too!

Some other ideas would be to draw even more stacks of cash or draw some coins while sitting around the cash draw.

Step 7

Finally, in this final step of this money withdrawal guide, you can add some nice colors to the image!

Money can come in many colors and designs depending on where it comes from and how much money it is. This gives you many options for coloring this stack of money.

You could even get more creative and create your new currency! What would a new kind of money look like?

Once you know what colors to design your money, you can experiment with fun art mediums!

You can use some mediums like paints or colored pens and markers if you want to give your money, drawing a brighter and more vibrant look.

On the other hand, some colored pencils and watercolors would be great to give the picture a softer look.

Your Money Drawing is Finished!

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