The True Story of Manuela Escobar

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Hi, Stephen Jells

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Before she could walk, Manuela Escobar was taught to run. She was the daughter of Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord known for his ruthlessness.

Pablo Escobar loved his daughter and was willing to go to any lengths to make her happy. For example, when she requested a unicorn, he reportedly fixed an artificial horn on a horse’s head and wings on its back to transform it into a unicorn.


Her father was a drug lord

Pablo Escobar was known for his violent reputation but was very loving to his daughter, Manuela. He used to give her pony gifts even though she wanted a unicorn. She lived a luxurious life as her father was the wealthiest drug lord in history with an estimated net worth of $30 billion. He also owned private jets and a 7000-acre estate.

However, her father was killed in a shoot-out encounter with Colombian police on 2 December 1993. After that, she started suffering from depression and it is said that she tried to commit suicide. She and her family shifted to Argentina under assumed identities, where she was living with her mother. Her mother was a successful real estate agent. But suddenly in 1999, one of their business associates discovered they were under false identities. The family was arrested for money laundering and falsifying public documents.


She lived a luxurious life

Despite being born to one of the world’s most notorious drug lords, Manuela Escobar was a pretty normal kid. She got all the things she wanted and enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle that most people could only dream of. Pablo Escobar was a doting father who loved his daughter very much and went to any lengths to ensure she had everything she wanted. This included transforming a horse into a unicorn for her birthday.

But unfortunately, the animal died because of a gruesome infection. So, her parents took her out of Columbia and moved to Argentina where she adopted a new name. While her family lived in Buenos Aires, her mother was accused of money laundering and illegal association. However, she was later released and started a successful real estate business with her brother. She also became involved in public relations and wrote a book about her late father.


She was arrested

Pablo Escobar was a drug lord who loved his daughter, Manuela. He went to great lengths to make her happy, reportedly burning stacks of 2 million dollars in cash to keep her warm while hiding in the mountains of Colombia. She was born in 1984, just a year before her father became the most powerful drug lord in the world. When she was a child, she didn’t have much idea about what her dad did for a living, but she knew that he would do anything to fulfill her wishes.

When she was younger, she asked her father for a unicorn. Despite being told that they didn’t exist, her dad allegedly created one for her out of a horse. After her father’s death, she moved to Argentina with her brother and mother. They changed their names to avoid being targeted by drug lords. However, their identities were revealed in 1999. This incident made her frightened and she stopped going to school.

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She lives in hiding

The daughter of the drug lord Pablo Escobar, Manuela is a recluse who has remained in hiding since her father’s death. She lives under an assumed identity and refuses to speak publicly. When her father was alive, he spared no expense to make his daughter happy. One day, she asked him for a unicorn, and he had his people staple a horn to a horse’s head to give her one. But after her father died, Manuela and her family were forced to flee Colombia to escape the threats of rival drug cartels. They eventually settled in Argentina and changed their names.

They lived in peace for a few years. But everything changed in 1999 when their identities were exposed. The authorities arrested them for false public documents, money laundering, and illicit association, and they spent a few months in jail. They were eventually released. However, they still live in fear of someone finding out their real identities and taking revenge on them for their father’s crimes.